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We are a team of professionals who look at strategy and planning as one of the most important aspects for every business. Our team strives to understand strategy measured against success – success in visual identity, success in sales, marketing and promotion, success in executing a deliverable synergy in various aspects of business.

Sales and Marketing strategy

Brand Strategy: research, brand logo, brand messaging, brand integration, brand story line, emotional connect, brand visual effect, value generation, tagline, promotion and advertising.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM): Customer retention, driving sales growth, manage and analyze customer interactions, customer information and database management.

Sales Optimization: Lead Management, sales alignment, sales team training, measurement, evaluation, content and improvement to customer data.

Online Marketing: SEO, PPC Campaigns, SMM (Facebook/ LinkedIn/ Youtube/ Twitter…), Emailer Campaigns, Website and Application Development.

Channel Strategies: Distribution, sales channel implementation, franchising, channel systems, partner communication and performance up-gradation.

Pricing: Market understanding, competition knowledge, value – cost based pricing.

Customer Segmentation: Identifying various verticals and segments, defining segments, strategic promotions, sales and marketing strategies for each segment or vertical.

New Product Development: Idea generation, concept development, testing and business analysis, product and market testing, commercialization, launch.

Product Portfolio Optimization: Product visibility, portfolio analysis, prioritization, dynamic planning.

Loyalty Programs: Loyalty Program Implementation, Customer Loyalty Study, Loyalty Program Promotion Campaigns,